Credit Card Reconciliation Service

For on-line merchants, quick & correct realization of sale proceeds into bank, thus improving cash flows is of prime importance. As the credit card transaction volume ramps up, manual reconciliation of almost become an impossible task.

Given this commitment to move sales over the web, an on-line merchant needs a system that can verify/reconcile online transactions (sale using credit card, debit card & net banking) and detect prevalent discrepancies.

Topmost concerns include

  • Entire sale realization in the bank in due time
  • Statutory Financial Audit requirements
  • Ability to identify FOREX losses/gains
  • Tight fail safe Chargeback management system

The service once implemented will be your solution to both reconciliation as well as management reports.


  • Increased Revenue Realization

    The system makes certain that all sale proceeds are realized within due time thus improving cash flow. The system’s streamlined and automated processes raise various discrepancies including short collections, inappropriate outward remittances as well as mis reporting of sale. This will ensure that you receive its entitled revenue
  • Chargeback Management System

    In a business scenario where customers have easy access to initiate chargeback’s against your Company. Subject to input data made available, the system’s failsafe and tight chargeback management system will provide tremendous economic value. Using various reports the system gives you the necessary tools to successfully defend chargeback’s.
  • Exposure to foreign exchange

    The system has the unique capability to handle multiple currencies. By monitoring both the applicable and applied exchange rates the system can report losses/gains due to difference in the exchange rates. Additionally, the system can report effect of rounding off errors which can prompt the management to take necessary action.
  • Focus on core business

    The system with its highly automated process chains will provide increased automation thus requiring fewer resources. These resources can now be shifted from monitoring clerical functions to analyzing business results.
  • Choice

    ez consultants gives you a choice to choose amongst a full service, partial model and extended functionality which will be an optimal solution to your organizations needs.