Transport Billing Software

This customized solution is developed for a single or multi-location truck transport company. After the entries in the master forms (e.g. Company, Client, Rake Point, Item, rate, Vehicle) and lorry receipt transaction form, Invoice is generated based on source (Rake Point) to the destination.

Other reports are Lorry Receipt Report, Vehicle wise Report and Third Party Transporter wise Report.

Management reports like Product wise Report, Client wise Report, Challan & date wise analysis Report etc. Other customized reports may be provided.

The solution is developed on latest Microsoft Dot Net 4.0 with MS Access as backend. For multi-location truck company, migration to a web-based environment with MS SQL back end and IE as +9120-25438046 interface is possible.

ez consultants has developed and implemented this Software at several client locations. The solution can further be suitably modified to meet end customer requirements.