Machine Breakdown

Machine failure is an important factor that affects the throughput of manufacturing systems,as it directly affects productivity and hence profitability. Plant management constantly strives to minimize downtime and hence the losses arising from the machine breakdowns.

The starting point to minimize down time into day to day management activities is accurate and unbiased data of all the machines in a plant (Masters) and the breakdown related data. Unbiased data is not subject to interpretation but objectively represents the actual activities on the shop floor. Accurate data captures empowers you to know not just what went on but creates an understanding of what problems occurred and how they can be improved.

One undeniable truth in manufacturing is that you can't fix what you can't see. Ideally plant management would monitor all machines and all steps in the process at the same time. In reality there may be critical process points where the first pass at collecting accurate data can yield the most benefits. Accurate and unbiased data means tracking the source of idle time, identifying problems and the scope of problems that impair production efficiency.

The solution is developed on latest Microsoft Dot Net 4.0 with MS Access as backend. For multi-location truck company, migration to a web-based environment with MS SQL back end and IE as +9120-25438046 interface is possible.


  • Higher productivity

    Productivity can be increased by efficient Machine Breakdown Maintenance and better tracking of spares and Resources data. Idle time will be significantly reduced arising due to breakdowns by effective maintenance schedules.

  • Cost control

    By tracking the consumption pattern of spares & resources for maintenance purposes management will be able to prepare forecasts thereby eliminating sunk costs in inventory.

  • Informed decision making

    Based on several analytical reports of the breakdown of machinery and machine utility management has access to latest information for critical decision making.

  • System Features

    Master entries like line details, machine details and manpower details are protected by password.

    1. Facility to register entries like fault, cause, AMC, Calibration, spare etc.
    2. Planned maintenance report
    3. Facility to enter the manpower hours’ details used during the breakdown time.
    4. Facility to back up and restore of stored data.
    5. Facility to enter idle time during the actual breakdown period
    6. Facility to generate reports line and machine wise.
    7. Graphical representation for management reports like uptime, breakdown frequency, MTTR, MTBF.